Clifford's Mobile Power Wash

Experts in High Pressure Cleaning.

We service the following areas:

• St. louis metropolitan area

• Illinois counties of St.Clair

• Chester

• Missouri

• Monroe

• Sparta

• St. Louis City

• Randolph

• Dupo

• County Jefferson

• Waterloo, Illinois

• Belleville

• St. Charles counties

• Red Bud


If you are outside of these areas just call us with your cleaning needs.Doing business since 1990 Clifford's Mobile has the solution to all of your pressure washing and cleaning needs. The job is not complete until our customers are totally satisfied.

Many of our customers are amazed at what high pressure cleaning can achieve. Not only does cleaning your siding, deck, sidewalk, driveway etc. improve the look of your property but it also extends the life. Therefore reducing the need for very costly replacement and or repair.

If you have any questions concerning the services listed or any type of service you may need, feel free to give us a call.

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Get a 10% DISCOUNT off total for Senior Citizens

Get a 10% DISCOUNT off total for Military


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    Concrete Cleaning
  • Image 2
    Vinyl Siding & Home
    Exterior Cleaning
  • Image 3
    Sidewalk & Driveways Cleaning
  • Image 4
    Industrial Cleaning
  • Image 5
    Commercial Cleaning
  • Image 6
    Store Front Cleaning
  • Image 7
    Truck & Bus Feet Washing
  • Image 8
    Exterior Painting

Anything else you need cleaned not on the choices? Contact Us

Our Business

We carry liability insurance. We have been in business over 20 years.Over the years our growth has been due to our quality of service. Aside from minimal advertising we've had many "word of mouth" referrals, also drive by witnessing of a job in progress has increased our customer base.All the photos seen here are of our own work. No job too small or too large.

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John Clifford

Phone :    (618) 282 - 3677
Cell :        (618) 615 - 5267